Paper Challenge

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) encourages all students to participate in the fun Math & Reading inspired student challenge activities during the month of September with Paper®.

For the rest of the month, students are invited to practice grade-level appropriate and gamified “Paper Missions” to increase both math and vocabulary mastery. Students can also participate in “Paper Reading” challenges, which provide immediate feedback for students and data-informed progress monitoring for teachers.

Students in participating Paper® school districts are invited to enter this challenge by logging onto Paper® between now and September 29, to complete as many Missions and Reading activities as possible!

The top three students from each of the six regions in the state — with the most activities completed — will win a box full of Paper® swag. The MDE encourages administrators and teachers in participating Paper® districts to share the flyer here.

We are pushing to be in the Top 5 again this month.