Meet Principal Dobbins


Nicole Dobbins, Principal

McCoy Elementary

(662) 746-5800


Nicole Dobbins currently serves as the Principal of McCoy Elementary School.  She has dedicated over 20 years to the field of education.  Her educational philosophy is the belief that all students deserve the best educational opportunities, inclusive of highly qualified teachers and staff, evidence-based strategies, and resources, and a champion that will always support and believe in them. Hence, the excitement surrounding moving her first school (as a principal) by one letter grade.  Nicole lives by the motto: “Proper preparation prevents poor performance,” and it has gotten her far in life.  Her list of accomplishments ranges from her entrepreneurship of Brown’s Tutorial and her once thriving consultant company, Reading Works. She believes that with God all things are possible, even those things that may seem impossible.  As a devoted wife, mother of four, and “GlamMa” of one, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.